Knights Inn Salem

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Knights Inn Salem

1555 State Street Salem, OR 97301 US

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Free High Speed Wireless InternetnFree CoffeenFree Parking – No parking on site for Semis or Large Trailers, etc…nWarm, friendly servicenClean, comfortable, quiet accommodationsnClose to Capitol – 3 blocksnClose to Convention Center and Visitors Associationn3 blocks to Willamette University and Tokyo International UniversitynClose to State FairgroundsnIn-room coffee makers and hair dryersnIron and Ironing Board for a minimal fee if available at time of check in.nFree local calls nIncoming and outgoing fax service

Property Amenities


  • Outdoor parking
  • Parking


  • Ramp access
  • Public areas wheelchair accessible for disabled
  • Restaurant/bar menus available in 14pt print
  • Service animals allowed on property for people with disabilities
  • Service dogs allowed
  • Accessible facilities
  • Audible alarms in hallways
  • Audible alarms in public areas


  • Pets allowed


  • Multiple exits on each floor
  • U.S. Fire Safety compliant
  • Telephone
  • Well lighted exit signs
  • Wide entrance
  • Smoke detector in hallways
  • Steps/staircases have handrails
  • Smoke detector in public areas
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire detectors in hallways
  • Fire detectors in public areas
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire extinguishers in hallways
  • Lighted parking area
  • Fire extinguishers in public areas
  • Hard wired smoke detectors
  • Lighted walkways
  • Ice machine
  • FEMA approved
  • Complies with Local/State/Federal fire laws
  • Building meets all current local, state and country building codes

Meeting Facilities

  • Meeting rooms


  • Wireless internet connection in public areas

Guest Room

  • Safe
  • Room access through interior corridor
  • Emergency instructions in pictorial form


  • Complimentary in-room coffee or tea


  • Air conditioning