Conrad New York Midtown

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Conrad New York Midtown

151 W 54th Street New York, NY 10019 US

  • 7.4 miles from 9 11 Tribute Museum
  • 10.5 miles from Arthur Ashe Stadium
  • 1 miles from City Center
  • 9.7 miles from MetLife Stadium
  • 7.8 miles from Battery Park
  • 3.7 miles from Chinatown
  • 10.5 miles from Citi Field
  • 1 miles from Empire State Building

The only all-suite hotel in Midtown Manhattan, Conrad New York Midtown combines a uniquely generous amount of livable space, modern conveniences and a limited number of rooms per floor for a residential sense of privacy. Soaring 54 floors above Manhattan, every suite at Conrad New York Midtown provides a north or south facing vantage point for a quintessential New York City view. Situated in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, Conrad New York Midtown is surrounded by the best of New York City, while located on quiet side street. Just south of Central Park, this hotel is an effortless walk to...

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