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340 Biscayne Boulevard Miami, FL 33132 US

  • 0 miles from Across the street from Bayside Marketplace
  • 0.5 miles from Less than 1 mile from the Port of Miami Entrance
  • 0.5 miles from The Guzman Center
  • 0.5 miles from James L. Knight Center
  • 5 miles from Jackson Memorial Hospital
  • 1.1 miles from Miami Children Museum
  • 1 miles from Adrienne Arsht Center for the Performing Arts
  • 4.8 miles from Miami Seaquarium
  • 5 miles from Miami Beach Convention Center
  • 10 miles from Coconut Grove
  • 0 miles from American Airlines Arena
  • 6 miles from University of Miami
  • 2.5 miles from Jungle Island
  • 10 miles from Dolphin Mall
  • 3 miles from South Beach

Welcome to the Holiday Inn Port of Miami Downtown! nnCome stay at the closest hotel to the Port of Miami Downtown! We are just a short ride from the “Cruise Capital of the World” “Port Miami” & the home for the Miami Heat”. You can dine in and enjoy a beverage on site at Marinas Bar & Grill (located in the lobby) or cross the street and enjoy a variety of restaurants, retail shops, attractions, tours & more at Miamis most visited attraction, Bayside Marketplace or just relax on the sand in South Beach. The Complimentary Metro Mover station behind...

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