Comfort Inn & Suites North Little Rock McCain Mall

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Comfort Inn & Suites North Little Rock McCain Mall

3915 McCain Park Dr. North Little Rock, AR 72116 US

  • 2 miles from NLR Northshore Riverwalk
  • 6 miles from Arkansas Repetory Theatre
  • 3 miles from Childrens Museum of Discover
  • 40 miles from Lake Ouachita
  • 3 miles from Alltel Arena
  • 2 miles from Clinton Library
  • 35 miles from Magic Springs
  • 2 miles from Public Library
  • 40 miles from Lake Hamilton
  • 2 miles from Camp Robinson
  • 0.5 miles from McCain Mall
  • 2 miles from Burns Park
  • 6 miles from Wild River Country
  • 3 miles from Old State House
  • 6 miles from Little Rock Zoo
  • 3 miles from Robinson Center
  • 3 miles from River Market
  • 5 miles from Capitol Building

Get the essentials you need to be your best at the 100 percent smoke-free Comfort Inn and Suites North Little Rock McCain Mall hotel in North Little Rock, AR. We are conveniently close to the University of Arkansas, Verizon Arena and Burns Park Baseball Complex. Rest, refresh and get ready to take on the day with such amenities as free WiFi, free ample parking, free hot breakfast, fitness center and an indoor heated pool. Behind every great day is a great night in your guest room, which features a refrigerator, microwave, coffee maker, hair dryer, iron and ironing board. Also,...

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