The Residences by Hilton Club

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The Residences by Hilton Club

1335 Avenue of the Americas,44th FL New York, NY 10019 US

  • 0 miles from Hilton New York
  • 0.2 miles from AXA Advisors
  • 0.2 miles from Madison Avenue Shops
  • 0.1 miles from Financial Times
  • 0.2 miles from Fifth Avenue Shops
  • 1 miles from UBS
  • 0.5 miles from Morgan Stanley
  • 0.5 miles from Broadway Theater District
  • 0.5 miles from CBS
  • 4 miles from Wall Street
  • 0.75 miles from Bryant Park
  • 4 miles from City Center
  • 3 miles from Union Square
  • 4 miles from Brooklyn Bridge
  • 0.2 miles from Carnegie Hall
  • 0.5 miles from Bank of America
  • 0.5 miles from CNN
  • 0.25 miles from NBC
  • 4 miles from Battery Park
  • 1.5 miles from Grand Central Station
  • 1 miles from New York Public Library
  • 1.75 miles from Penn Station
  • 0.25 miles from Radio City Music Hall
  • 0.5 miles from Central Park
  • 1.5 miles from Empire State Building
  • 6 miles from Yankee Stadium
  • 0.2 miles from Rockefeller Center
  • 0.5 miles from Times Square
  • 2 miles from Madison Square Garden
  • 0.5 miles from Chrysler Building
  • 2 miles from American Museum of Natural History
  • 0.5 miles from Lincoln Center

Due to the current travel environment, this hotel is currently not accepting guests for a short period. Reservations are available for future dates. Please see below for up-to-date policy information and ways to contact Hilton Guest Assistance. We look forward to welcoming you to the hotel soon.Surrounded by the cosmopolitan grandeur of New York City, The Residences by Hilton Club offers a unique respite from the non-stop excitement of Manhattan. Located on the top three floors of the superb setting of the New York Hilton Midtown hotel overlooking Central Park, The Residences provides a distinctive and private retreat with access...

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