Quality Inn Near Princeton

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Quality Inn Near Princeton

3270 US Route 1 North Lawrenceville, NJ 08648 US

  • 2 miles from Cranbury Golf Course
  • 4 miles from Evelio Art Studio
  • 4 miles from Historic Morven Incorporated
  • 3 miles from Iceland Skating Center
  • 5 miles from Mercer County Golf Course
  • 4 miles from Mercer County Waterfront Prk
  • 2 miles from Mercer Oaks East and West
  • 3 miles from Mercer Recreation Center
  • 4 miles from Princeton Country Club
  • 12 miles from Sesme Park
  • 3 miles from Sovereign Benk Arena
  • 3 miles from Mercer County Park
  • 4 miles from New Jersey State Museum
  • 0.1 miles from Quakerbridge Mall
  • 23 miles from Six Flags
  • 4 miles from Waterfront Park

The Quality Inn near Princeton hotel in Lawrenceville, NJ gives you more value for your hard-earned money. We give you easy access to such nearby points of interest as the New Jersey State House, Trenton-Mercer Airport, New Jersey State Museum, Quaker Bridge Mall and the Civil War Native American Museum. Get ready for anything with such amenities as free WiFi, free ample parking, free hot breakfast and a fitness center. Behind every great day is a great night in your cozy guest room, which features a coffee maker, hair dryer, TV, desk, iron and ironing board. The more often you...

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