Red South Beach Hotel

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Red South Beach Hotel

3010 Collins Avenue Miami Beach, FL 33140 US

  • 8 miles from Adrianne Arsht Center
  • 2 miles from Fillmore at jackie gleason theater
  • 2.5 miles from Lincoln road pedestrian mall
  • 28 miles from Metrozoo
  • 8 miles from Miami Airlines Arena
  • 1.4 miles from The Fillmore at Jackie Gleason Theater
  • 11 miles from Viscaya Museum
  • 2.5 miles from New World Symphony
  • 38 miles from Sawgrass Mills Mall
  • 20 miles from Dolphin Mall
  • 1.5 miles from Botanical Garden
  • 13 miles from Aventura Mall

Red South Beach is truly a unique destination only steps from the world class nightlife dining and shopping of South Beach. Artfully blending classic baroque elements with contemporary finishes Red South Beach Hotel exudes graceful elegance. The Hotels hip design brings you back to an era of simple yet stylish beauty and sophistication.

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