Motif Seattle

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Motif Seattle

1415 5th Ave Seattle, WA 98101 US

  • 0.4 miles from Puget Sound
  • 0.6 miles from South Lake Union Area
  • 6 miles from University District
  • 0.4 miles from Waterfront Park
  • 1 miles from Space Needle
  • 6 miles from University of Washington

Ideally situated in Downtown Seattle, Motif Seattle features 319 newly redesigned guest rooms and suites that feel like modern residences inspired by the Pacific Northwest. Our signature rooftop restaurant and lounge, Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails features the regions culinary bounty reflected in the menus. Join us at 5th Avenue between Pike and Union, where shopping, Pike Place Market, the Waterfront, Convention Center, Seattle Monorail and light rail to the airport are all just a stroll away.

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