The Dewberry

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The Dewberry

334 Meeting Street Charleston, SC 29403 US

  • 0 miles from Battery / Rainbow Row
  • 9 miles from Sulivans Island Beach
  • 0 miles from Upper King Street
  • 1 miles from Arthur Ravenel Bridge
  • 0 miles from Charleston Childrens Museum
  • 12 miles from Isle of Palms Beach
  • 0 miles from Rainbow Row
  • 0 miles from Historic District
  • 0 miles from South Carolina Aquarium
  • 0 miles from Marion Square
  • 10 miles from Boone Hall Plantation
  • 1 miles from Waterfront Park

T H E D E W B E R R Y is located just off Marion Square at 334 Meeting Street in the heart of the historical city of Charleston. Marion Square is the former Citadel Green and the largest Park in the historic district. It has become very much the city center and is now home to The Cooper River Run Spoletto SEWE Wine and Food Charleston Fashion Week and Charlestons thrivingnweekly farmers market.We are truly in the heart of it all within walking distance to all of Charlestons iconic landmarks and a short evening stroll to Upper King...

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